EA Ski & Snowboard – Website

EA Ski and Snowboard Header

A complete redesign of an existing asset, and a heavy sprucing up of the brand along the way. This project was a freelance collaboration.

Role: Web Designer, Graphic Designer

EA Ski & Snowboard was my favourite kind of project – first, an improvement of a dry, stiff brand suite that didn’t best target its young, adventurous target audience. Then, it was a total redesign of an otherwise cleverly structured website to become engaging and user-friendly for its user base.

The two brand colours became the colours that would lead skiiers vs snowboarders to pages relevant to them where necessary; additionally, the strong contrast between them allowed the rest of the website to maintain a tight colour scheme throughout. My focus remained on making sure the user was led to where they needed to be, with high conversions as the result for the client.

Finally, the creation of visually stunning new assets helped to modernise the overall experience for the user.

EA Ski and Snowboard CTA Form

Mobile-first: EA Ski & Snowboard was designed with mobile devices in mind. The target demographic is young, likely on an adventure or planning one – the mobile user base is huge! While the full desktop experience is stunning and immersive, the focus on mobile was ensuring that no element was overwhelmingly large or difficult to interact with via touch, and that the data tables further down the funnel were straightforward to use.

A joy to design; the best websites look engaging on the surface, but below their skin they are high performance machines that understand their users and produce conversions!

EA Ski and Snowboard Web Mockup