Inside OUT – Educational Resources

Inside OUT - Join This Chariot

“Join this Chariot”: an educational resource for Christian schools

Role: Graphic designer

Published by InsideOUT Kōaro, “Join this Chariot” is a 72 page resource packed with a plethora of well-referenced information.

Part of the brief for this project included only loosely using the branding guidelines, allowing the resource to stand on its own. This helped with addressing the information hierarchy, which was both broad and deep!

Colour, font size, decorative elements, tables and beautiful graphics all work in harmony to make this resource immersively readable and readily understood.

Inside OUT - Join This Chariot Mockup

“Ending rainbow-focused bullying and discrimination”: an educational workbook for schools

Role: Graphic designer

Also published by InsideOUT Kōaro, this similarly weighty 64-page workbook was designed to be equally as informative but more interactive, leading the recipient through exercises for both individuals and teams. The information hierarchy for this document was quite different, though still making use of the same titles and footnotes; it was an excellent challenge of every layout tool in my toolkit!