Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust – Website

Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust website

A wonderful initiative with a beautiful brand – and now, a website to match.

Role: Web Designer

The Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust website is designed to have as much punch as it does empathy. Here the brief was to put the birds and the work of the Trust front and centre – pretty easy to do with fabulous photography and some serious data to present!

Leveraging powerful brand colours and strong typography, the end result is a welcoming, informative resource that leads the user to contribute support to this amazing cause.

Two of my favourite parts of this project are the Wiki-like information pages on both birds and their predators, providing an easily-digestible format; and the sliders of rolling figures the Trust works with on the home page, which provided an opportunity to dig into typography that is both bold and responsive.

One of the most cheerful websites I’ve had the pleasure of designing in a long time.

Visit the website here:

Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust Web Mockup