Stu’s Fly Shop – Website Redesign

Stu's Fly Fishing School

A thorough reskin of an existing online shop to better match the epic personality of its owner! This project was a fantastic opportunity to flex creative muscle within the confines of a complete but dated resource.

Role: Web Designer

Stu’s Fly Fishing School & Superior Flies had just undergone a complete rebrand with Fluid in Queenstown – the next step was to bring the online shop up to the same standard.

The adventure here was including all the new cheekiness the branding exuded over the existing grid, although there was plenty of room to thoroughly modernise the home page and main navigation.

One of my favourite things to do where possible is to animate the client’s logo once scroll is initiated; it’s a simple bit of design and CSS, but it really hits the spot for anyone who is proud of their new logo! In this case, upon load, the logo treatment more closely reflects the print material, and then on scroll, it retreats to a more standard navigation position, drawing attention without hogging real estate.

Stu's Fly Fishing - header animation

A key part of any reskin is making sure the designer at the helm understands the code they are catering to. If not, it’s almost guaranteed to be a headache for the developer! For this project, I spent about as much time with the Inspector open as I did in Illustrator so I could understand the logic beneath the pixels and hand it over to the developer with a clear and easy implementation of the new design.

This website redesign was a fun way for me to dip into both my design and developer knowledge.

Stu's Fly Fishing web mockup