Why the fine lines and tall tales?

Doesn’t every creative soul enjoy a double entendre?

Some of my earliest memories as a child involved depicting thoughts and expression as images, although the net result was usually a waxy mess, and mostly outside the lines. I was easily entertained and often found wandering the convolutions of my own paracosmic world.

Not a whole lot has changed, aside from the lines becoming finer and the tales more coherent; at its core, it seems my game is communication of concepts and expression of thought. Part of that has always involved pushing the envelope, making things ever more grandiose, and seeing how long people will suspend their disbelief as the stories burgeon with epicness.

This, too, is what design is about. We like to follow trends out of self-preservation, but often the thing that separates a great design from a truly outstanding design is when and where we buck those trends, throw caution to the wind and spin something completely new.

Design archetypes are great, and they most certainly have their place at the heart of most projects – but, if you dare, tread that knife-edge that may well see you pressed into the fabric of our collective memories forever.

Fine lines; tread them. Tall tales; speak them.